Tuft Chevron Diamond Accent Pillow

Available in three colours, our Tufted Chevron Accent pillow elevates the home by offering a unique design by accenting the off-white pillow with colour. This 100% Cotton pillow comes with Made In Canada inserts, where we can guarantee the quality and fluffy feeling of the accent pillow.


Cotton Rich. We understand that quality matters to you and your Customers. These 80% Cotton Accent Pillows encase a polyfill insert.

Natural Feel. The tufted construction combined with the knitted material adds a natural feel to the Cushion and any pillow of Couch it is added to.

Machine Washable. “Modern Interiors Meet Functionality” is one of our goals. We offer machine washable throws to ensure that your Customer can use them and live in them. The goal is to make home feel like home.

Made In India.  We are proud of where our products come from. We take time to source from the best manufacturers around the world and enjoy the rich heritage that modern Indian textiles offer.

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