9900 Platinum Series Sheet Set

Offer your customers an elevated sleep experience with our 9900 Platinum Series Sheet Set. Crafted from 100% premium microfiber, these sheets deliver unmatched comfort with their plush and lightweight design. With an elegant trim on the pillowcases, these sheets bring sophistication to any bedroom setup. These hypoallergenic, easy-to-maintain sheet sets not only ensure a restful sleep but also aid in preventing dust allergies, providing your customers with an exceptional sleeping experience.

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Premium Quality for Guest Comfort: Our 9900 Platinum Series Sheet Set, made from 100% premium microfiber, provides exceptional softness and comfort. The lightweight, plush texture ensures a restful sleep for your customers, enhancing their stay at your establishment.

Elegant Design: Our sheets feature a stylish trim on the pillowcases, adding a touch of sophistication to your guest rooms. Elevate the decor and ambiance of your rooms with our stylish bedding.

Hypoallergenic Features: Cater to health-conscious guests with our hypoallergenic sheets, designed to prevent dust allergies. Our sheets help you ensure a safe and worry-free sleep environment for your customer.

Easy Maintenance and Durability: The 9900 Platinum Series Sheet Sets are designed for frequent use and easy care. They are machine washable, made from durable fabric that withstands multiple washes, and are wrinkle-resistant, easing the maintenance for all users.

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Soft, Lightweight, Easy Care, Luxurious night's sleep.

Colours -99:

Blue, Bone, Brown, Cream, Dark Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Navy, Purple, Red, Sage, Teal, White, Yellow

Country of Origin:


Product Codes TWIN:

PZ-MF99-RD01 – Red PZ-MF999-PU01 – Purple PZ-MF99-WH01 – White PZ-MF99-SG01 – Sage PZ-MF999-BR01 – Brown PZ-MF99-YL01 – Yellow PZ-MF99-TL01 – Teal PZ-MF99-DG01 – Dark Grey PZ-MF99-LGN01 – Light Green PZ-MF99-LBL01 – Light Blue PZ-MF99-GR01 – Grey PZ-MF99-NA01 – Navy PZ-MF99-CR01 – Cream PZ-MF99-BN01 – Bone PZ-MF99-BL01 – Blue


– Flat Sheet " 66 x 96” [168cm x 244cm]
– Fitted Sheet 39" x 75" + 15” [99cm x 191cm + 38cm]
– Fitted sheet fits up to 18" deep [46 cm]
– 1 Pillowcase 20" x 30” [51 cm x 76 cm]

Product Code FULL:

PZ-MF99-RD02 – Red PZ-MF999-PU02 – Purple PZ-MF99-WH02 – White PZ-MF99-SG02 – Sage PZ-MF999-BR02 – Brown PZ-MF99-YL02 – Yellow PZ-MF99-TL02 – Teal PZ-MF99-DG02 – Dark Grey PZ-MF99-LGN02 – Light Green PZ-MF99-LBL02 – Light Blue PZ-MF99-GR02 – Grey PZ-MF99-NA02 – Navy PZ-MF99-CR02 – Cream PZ-MF99-BN02 – Bone PZ-MF99-BL02 – Blue


– Flat Sheet " 81 x 96” [206cm x 244cm]
– Fitted Sheet 54" x 75" + 15” [137cm x 191cm + 38cm]
– Fitted sheet fits up to 18" deep [46 cm]
– 2 Pillowcases 20" x 30” [51cm x 76cm]


– Flat Sheet 90" x 102” [229cm x 259cm]
– Fitted Sheet 60" x 80" + 15” [152cm x 203cm + 38cm]
– Fitted sheet fits up to 18" deep [46cm}
– 2 Pillowcases 20" x 30” [51 cm x 76 cm]

Product Codes KING:

PZ-MF99-RD04 – Red PZ-MF999-PU04 – Purple PZ-MF99-WH04 – White PZ-MF99-SG04 – Sage PZ-MF999-BR04 – Brown PZ-MF99-YL04 – Yellow PZ-MF99-TL04 – Teal PZ-MF99-DG04 – Dark Grey PZ-MF99-LGN04 – Light Green PZ-MF99-LBL04 – Light Blue PZ-MF99-GR04 – Grey PZ-MF99-NA04 – Navy PZ-MF99-CR04 – Cream PZ-MF99-BN04 – Bone PZ-MF99-BL04 – Blue


– Flat Sheet 108" x 102” [274cm x 259cm]
– Fitted Sheet 78" x 80" + 15” [198cm x 203cm + 38cm]
– Fitted sheet fits up to 18" deep [46cm}
– 2 Pillowcases 20" x 40” [51cm x 102cm]


100% Microfiber


Wash in warm water with mild detergent. Dry on low heat