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Mattress Protectors

Providing an important layer of protection, so you can sleep worry-free.

Our Bamboo Mattress Protector will provide the ultimate peace of mind from accidents, insects, and dust; keeping you comfortable throughout the night. It is 100% WATERPROOF, BUG PROOF, DUST RESISTANT, and BREATHABLE, so your mattress will stay protected, longer. Our ultra-tech protector is derived from bamboo blends, providing you air-flowing and a worry-free night’s sleep.

Our Cooling Fiber Waterproof Mattress Protector will make any mattress feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. With a composition of 30% nylon and 70% microfiber, it offers a luxurious sleep experience and protection from spills and stains while extending the life of your mattress.

Our Copper-Infused Mattress Protector cools your body and provides excellent blood circulation. It prolongs the life of your mattress, while fighting bacteria and helping your skin replenish dead skin cells. By doing this, it, not only, improves hygiene but also minimizes signs of ageing as one sleeps.