Creativity. Sustainability. Human Connection. Quality. Accountability.

Our values help build trust with our partners, ultimately helping them and their customers start and end their day with peace of mind and a smile.

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Our Story

Carefully curated to meet our Customers’ needs, we search the world for products that we stand by. With an affinity for fashion, a love for interiors, and an entrepreneurial spirit, we care.

We value human connections.

Whether it is a family, a house full of friends, or a party, we believe the home should be safe, warm, welcoming, and look premium at any price.

We care about our partners.

We go above and beyond to tailor our relationships with our partners to ensure they also receive the best-in-class service.

Founded in 2015, we pride ourselves here at Paarizaat on the growth that we have experienced. We attribute this growth to our loyal Customers and Partners, our passion, and our goal to find products where interior design meets functionality.

More importantly, we use our products. We see firsthand what works, and we listen to your voices.

We promise to focus on sustainability, whether through the longevity of the product or materials, where possible. We will always provide the best materials for the product we offer, and we will be transparent about what we offer.

We will continue to be inspired and inspire others to focus on the hybrid between design and functionality.

Our vision and values not only make us perfect for the home, but they also make us perfect for the hospitality industry.

Our Values



We want our associates, partners and Customers to own their creative space, whether it be at the office, at home, or work from home.


We believe in sourcing sustainably and ensuring the longevity of our products.

Human Connection.

We encourage connecting with each other, and we want Customers to feel connected to our products.


We travel the world to find the best products for the home and ensure that they meet industry standards.


We stand by our product.